Masters of Software Engineering

University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

» Chris Willmore

I chose the Software Engineering Master’s at Tartu because of its mix of coursework, projects, professional practice and research. The program lived 100% to my expectations. I especially enjoyed the breadth of courses taught, ranging from software economics to video game design. The faculty is knowledgeable and passionate about their fields, and the students bring diverse experience and backgrounds.

I enjoyed Tartu so much that I decided to stay here after my studies. I opened a small software development company and we’re now working for customers internationally. I don’t think I could have achieved this without the knowledge and the contacts I acquired during the Master’s.

To future students I have this to say: Beware, if you choose this Master’s you might end up creating your own company. Are you really ready for the hard work?

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Meet graduate student:
Anne-Liis Tamm

There are many things I like in this Master’s program: the international atmosphere, the balance between theory and practice, the dedication of the lecturers and their demanding yet supportive attitude. But above all,[…]

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