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» Masters of Software Engineering Student Finishes Second in Hilti Competition

We are proud to announce that our Masters of Software Engineering student, Karl Kilgi, ended up as runner-up in the Hilti Innovation Competition 2014.

The competition attracted 55 entries from teams of students all over the world (over 200 participants in total). Karl worked remotely with virtual team-mates from University of Twente (Netherlands) and University of Liechtenstein to design a futuristic vision for communication at Hilti, namely “HiltiGlass: Changing Customer Communications Through Augmented Reality”.

The team was selected to deliver their presentation at Hilti Headquarters in┬áLiechtenstein in January and missed by a small bit a chance to win the top price. As a runner-up however Karl won a free voucher for a Hilti power tool of his choice. Karl opted to trade his voucher against an electric hammer drill which he plans to use to “nail down his Masters thesis” this coming month of June. Good luck!

Karl’s success is reflective of the world-class standards of the International Master’s of Software Engineering of University of Tartu and Tallinn Tech. In previous years (2012-2013), Masters student Volodymir Floreskul (now Software Engineer at Spotify) finished in the top-20 among thousands of competitors in the IEEEXtreme programming contest.

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