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» UT at Top 250 in the World in Computer Science

The University of Tartu was one of the two Central and Eastern European universities to enter the Times Higher Education Rankings table in computer science. In computer science, UT is ranked among the top 250 universities in the world. 

The British journal Times Higher Education has compiled rankings that are considered the most reputable and influential in the world since 2004. Last week THE published the ranking of the 300 best universities engaged in computer science, in which the first 200 are ranked individually, and the rest are grouped in bands of 50. The University of Tartu was placed in the 201–250 range.

In the current rankings, computer science is the UT’s highest-ranked specialisation. To compile the table, THE employs 13 performance indicators, which describe learning environment, research influence, volume of research, academic reputation, income, innovation and international outlook.

While the University of Tartu has been among the top 500 universities in the overall rankings for several years already, UT computer science reached the THE subject ranking for the first time, being one of the two EU Central and Eastern European universities beside the Warsaw University to have made it to the table. The top three in the table are Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from the USA and the University of Oxford from the United Kingdom.

According to vice rector for research Kristjan Vassil, UT deserves comparison with Western European and North American universities: “The University of Tartu’s place in the computer science ranking is impressive, just after Uppsala University and on the same level with the Universities of Bern, Bergen, Essex and Washington State University. This clearly shows that in IT specialisations, our university is the leader in the region, and globally competitive.”

“A high place in the rankings is a recognition to the people of the UT Institute of Computer Science, but also sets high expectations to future development and investments. In addition to the fundamental IT specialisation, graduates and research studies are also needed in interdisciplinary fields, such as digital transformations, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Reseach groups in these fields have already been formed in the Institute, but a boost is possible only with the involvement of adequate financing and human capital,” Vassil added.

THE rankings can be found on the Times Higher Education website.

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