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» Skype Hands in 7 Scholarships to Students of the Masters of Software Engineering

Skype and IT Academy have announced the outcome of the competition for Skype scholarships for Masters students, each valued at EUR 6500 for a one-year period.

The competition for Skype scholarships was open to Masters students in IT Academy curricula at University of Tartu and Tallinn Tech, both in first and second year of studies. In total close to 50 applications were received. After a highly competitive selection process, 14 lucky and deserving applicants were awarded scholarships. The selection was based on GPA and transcripts, motivation letter and an interview with a panel consisting of representatives of Skype, IT Academy, University of Tartu and Tallinn Tech.

The following seven students of the International Masters of Software Engineering were awarded Skype scholarships: Alireza Ostovar, Ilya Verenich, Irene Teinemaa, Kaarel Kruus, Kristiina Rahkema, Oliver Soop and Taavi Ilves. Congratulations!

An interview with Taavi Ilves, second-year student in the Masters of software engineering and recipient of a Skype scholarship can be found in the IT Academy web site.

In addition to the Skype scholarships, 12 first-year students and 8 second-year students of the Masters of Software Engineering were awarded IT Academy scholarships, valued at EUR 300 per month. Another 4 scholarships were given by the DoRa program to first-year students and 2 scholarships were awarded by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, bringing the total number of scholarship recipients in the Masters program to 33.

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