Masters of Software Engineering

University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

» Industrial Master’s Programme – A Chance to Study at a Company

First year master’s students get a chance to apply for an Industrial Master’s Programme and study half of the curriculum at a partner company. The programme is covered by additional scholarships.

Half of the Computer Science curriculum is practical work: internship, course assignments and projects. Institute of Computer Science offers students a possibility to study the practical half of the programme at a partner company, performing the tasks relevant to the company whilst fulfilling the academic curriculum.

First year students can apply for the programme during the first semester. The partner companies will then choose the most suitable students for the work and research they would like to enhance.

You will be studying on an individual study plan based on their standard curriculum and customised for your and the company’s research interests. The tasks will be evaluated based on the same criteria as defined in the related course syllabus.

You are also expected to write the master’s thesis on a research topic proposed by the partner company. You will be assigned a supervisor by the Institute of Computer Science and a co-supervisor from the partner company.

All Industrial Master’s students receive a monthly stipend of 500 euros. You can find more information about the programme in the University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science webpage.

Meet graduate student:
Svitlana Vakulenko

Studying software engineering in Tartu was a life-transforming experience. It started almost as an adventure: I wanted to see other places, meet new people and get a different perspective into the vast field[…]

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