Masters of Software Engineering

University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Study Programme

The International Master’s Programme in Software Engineering imparts general software engineering and management skills, as well as specialized skills in two major software application domains: enterprise systems and embedded real-time systems. The program is delivered jointly by Estonia’s two largest universities: University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology. Students graduating from this program obtain degrees from both universities.

The Master’s program starts with a core module where you will acquire general software engineering skills, covering both technical aspects (systems modeling and programming) but also management skills. You will then choose one of two specialization modules: enterprise software (at University of Tartu) or embedded & real-time software (at Tallinn University of Technology). A range of elective and free-choice courses will allow you to further specialize or to broaden your horizons.

During the second year, you will put your skills into use, first via an internship or an entrepreneurial project, and secondly via a research or engineering project leading to the defense of a Master’s thesis.

Follow the links in the table below to see the description of individual modules and the web pages of individual courses. Some of these pages contain video recordings so that you can see us in action before joining us.

Semesters 3-4 Master’s Seminar and Thesis
Semesters 2-3 Internship or Entrepreneurial Project
Semesters 2-3 Electives & Free-choice Courses
Semesters 1-2 Specialty 1: Embedded & Real-Time Software Specialty 2: Enterprise Software
First Semester Core Module
Svitlana Vakulenko
Meet graduate student:
Svitlana Vakulenko

Studying software engineering in Tartu was a life-transforming experience. It started almost as an adventure: I wanted to see other places, meet new people and get a different perspective into the vast field...

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